div id=”content” contentScore=”1496″>最近在项目中遇到一个问题:Android屏幕出现闪屏,不知道是我设计的UI出现了问题,还是手机LED屏驱动的问题,针对这个状况我用到了Android开发中的一款实时显示当前手机屏幕的工具,它是Android开源的,地址:


Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any android device.

I’ve created a google groups HERE for support, no direct help request please.


1.  Install the android sdk (download here)

2.  Connect your device through USB cable and ensure it’s detected with “adb devices”

 3.  Make sure you have Java Runtime Environnement 5 or later installed

  1. Click HERE. You can launch it by typing “javaws ” from a command line.

    If mouse/keyboard control doesn’t work, open a command line and type :

1.  adb shell

 2.  su

 3.  chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache

 4.  cd /data/dalvik-cache

 5.  chmod 777 ./


1.  Mouse and keyboard control FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY

2.  Landscape mode (right click)

 3.  Video recording

4.  Basic file browser