Roam Newsletter 漫游研究所周报 2020W51

by @Jimmy_JingLv
on December 12th, 2020:
:postbox: Roam Newsletter 漫游研究所周报 #2020W51

1/ Roam Portal 插件新模式 —— 交互式3D地图,可视化 Roam Graph 内的国家或城市

A new interactive 3D globe view in Roam Portal. To visualize and explore cities, countries and places mentioned in your graph 🙂 @Conaw

— Dharam Kapila (@DharamKapila) December 12, 2020

2/ Roam Research 的 11 月更新特性视频汇总

Nice video by @mickmel
on updates to Roam in November.

— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 12, 2020

3/ 使用 SmartBlock 来搜索英语学习网站YouGlish 结果并嵌入 Roam Research

YouGlish is a service for English language learners to search usage of words/phrases on YouTube. SmartBlock Builder guru @gijigae
has built a SmartBlock to search YouGlish’s with a page title as a default input and embeds the search result. #roamcult

— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 13, 2020

4/ Flomo API 已经发布,支持 iOS 快捷指令,Alfred 等多种方式快速记录

flomo 记录API 已经发布了。


— Plidezus 少楠 (@plidezus) December 13, 2020

5/  可以直接将 Notion 页面变成网站,且做了很多图片和预渲染的优化。
turns a @NotionHQ
Page (which has an incredible editing experience) into a blazing fast Website.

Under the hood, it leverages Next.js image optimization, Next.js pre-rendering, and the @Vercel
edge network.

Their own website is built with Super :recycle:

— Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg) December 13, 2020

6/ Notion API 已经正式开启 Beta 版本内测,离公测已经不远。


— Notion API (@NotionAPI) December 8, 2020

7/ 印象笔记是最好的知识垃圾收集平台,剪藏是最方便的垃圾收集器,Advanted Search 功能是垃圾过滤器,Tag 树则是垃圾分类器。

Evernote is the best knowledge garbage collection satation. Cliper is a garbage collector machine, Advacned Search feature is Garbage filter, Tag tree is a Garbage classifier.

Who would like to subscribe and pay for garbage ?

— Steve Yang (@Steve_Yang331) December 12, 2020

8/ Roam Research 应该支持跟 Substack 一样的订阅服务,知识付费,结合 Token 或许会变得更加有趣。

1st write notes in Obsidian or Roam
2nd publish
3rd people subscribe it.
4th people pay to subscribtion.
Obsidian and Roam just have share/publish , people can’t subscribe it . Bcz they don’t have subscribtion feature. This is Substack is doing thing.
— Steve Yang (@Steve_Yang331) December 12, 2020

9/ RoamBookClub v2 Roam 读书活动第二期完美收官!

Anddd, that’s a wrap for #RoamBookClub
…or should I say TRAP (heh, s/o Mike Kramer mnemonic)
Connection > Collection
Notes > Quotes
Linking is Thinking ←THIS

RoamKasten™ #Zettelkasten

This is only the beginning. I have so much love for my #roamcult

— Lindsey Johnston (@laj2100) December 14, 2020

10/ Twitter memex 插件,支持 Highlight 最佳推文,那年今日以及更好的搜索引用,UseTwitterAsRoam Zettelkasten

I’m building an extension that makes Twitter a better memex:
:star:️ Highlights: see someone’s best tweets, not just most recent
:calendar: On This Day: revisit past tweets for inspiration
:mag: Search: find tweets to quote, w/ shortcuts for useful filters

DM me if you want to try the beta!

— Geoffrey Litt (@geoffreylitt) December 13, 2020

11/ 如何在 Roam Research 中组织 Meetings 和 TODOs

Hi #roamcult
! How efficient is your workflow for keeping on top of all your meeting notes, action items, contacts, projects and more?

Here’s My GTD – How I Organize Meetings and TODOs in Roam. (supported by :sparkles:SmartBlocks:sparkles: thank to @roamhacker


— Zsolt Viczián (@zsviczian) December 13, 2020

12/ roamcult 不仅使用 SmartBlocks 构建日常活动的Workflow,而且还使用 JavaScript 构建非常复杂的SmartBlocks,比如支持 YouTube 或是其他 API 的集成

So today @dvargas92495
brought up a really good question. Many are using SmartBlocks to not just build workflows for daily activities, but some are building very complex SmartBlocks with the JavaScript (connections to YouTube, GDrive, poetry and Shakespeare API’s – wild stuff)
— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 13, 2020

13/ 使用 SmartBlock 创建重复事件或提醒事项!

Recurring blocks / events / tasks / reminders

Roam42 contributor @shawnpmurphy8
has build a SmartBlock for a repeating tasks methodology in Roam.

Source here:

— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 14, 2020

14/ 通过 ClojureScript REPL 直接在本地编程环境实时控制 Roam Block roam/js with React-based Roam extension.

Turns out if you connect a ClojureScript REPL to @RoamResearch
, you end up with a live programming environment for modifying and extending Roam. Neat!

— Austin Birch (@austinbirch) November 21, 2020

15/ 使用 SmartBlocks 为每周五创建 Weekly Review 回顾计划,且支持推迟(Defer: OmniFocus-style :joy:)

Recurring Task in Roam

Here is what this looks like in practice. In this video I create a 12 week plan for my Friday’s weekly review using Roam42 SmartBlocks. RTD is one step closer to a reality. #RTD

— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 14, 2020

16/ Roam Research 新功能 可折叠的括号,让写作变成了一种编程体验:我接下来会讲到论点1和论点2,他们有一个共同点是(())……

Another new feature from this weekend – If you put text inside ((double parentheses like this)) and do NOT extract the text into another block – you’ll get ability to nest content inline – hidden behind a Roam Glyph

— Roam Research (@RoamResearch) December 15, 2020

17/ Roam Research 官方 CSS 秀,使用 roam/css 对 Block 进行各种花式操作 :art:

Quick demo of the kinds of styling customizations you can now do to your Roam graph using [[roam/css]] and the data attributes that we added to blocks.

Display blocks horizontally, in a grid – whatever you want

— Roam Research (@RoamResearch) December 15, 2020

18/ 使用 SmartBlock 将 IMDb 电影数据导入至 Block :clapper:

Using #Roam42
by @roamhacker
to pull IMDb data into @RoamResearch
:grinning: Code on Github
— Mark Lavercombe (@LavercombeMark) December 15, 2020

19/ 使用 Obsidian Graph 视图支持社区发现,能够链接相关页面的相关页面

I’m writing a case study of my in progress work on the onboarding for GuidedTrack, which I’ll be publishing on my digital garden
. It’s hypertext and spans multiple pages, and @obsdmd
‘s graph view is incredibly helpful for managing pages before I publish!

— Robert Haisfield (@RobertHaisfield) November 15, 2020

20/ 订阅优质 Newsletter 降低信息噪声,提高信噪比

Haha yup same here. We are all seeking a better more improved collective understanding of our world via curated content that helps cut through the noise. Basically… shooting for increasing signal to noise ratio.
— Jon Tetlak (@tetlakio) December 15, 2020

21/ “为了跟别人一样,我们丢掉了四分之三的自己。”

“We forfeit three-quarters of ourselves in order to be like other people.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

— Visualize Value (@visualizevalue) December 15, 2020

22/ 结合 Block Reference 实施 Zettelkasten 卡片盒笔记法

And here’s the tour! Thanks @beauhaan
for showing everyone a creative and effective way to use block references to power your Zettelkasten. Your approach enables rapid navigation b/w thoughts, demonstrating @RoamResearch
‘s tools in a way that surprised me

— Robert Haisfield (@RobertHaisfield) December 14, 2020

23/ 为不同层级的笔记 Block 添加背景颜色,帮助你在观点、问题、答案和论点之间切换视角时非常有用。

Yes! Thank you so much for adding this in. Was loving @CatoMinor3
‘s block styling JS hack but this makes it much easier.
Works so well for book notes where you’re switching between author claims, responses, questions, and evidence

Designing block grids also very intriguing

— Maggie Appleton (@Mappletons) December 15, 2020

24/ 记笔记的 3 个技巧:1. 不要抄写 2. 视觉化 3. 链接现在与过去的想法

:memo:3 tips to up your note-taking game:
1) Avoid transcribing. Put it in your own words!
2) Take advantage of images and figures. Take screen shots and paste them directly into your notes.
3) Use RemNote’s references to connect your present and past ideas for better learning
— RemNote (@rem_note) December 16, 2020


New version allowing for multiple film of the same name:
Code on Github. Thanks @roamhacker
for assistance!
— Mark Lavercombe (@LavercombeMark) December 15, 2020

25/ Roam 改进了 Page Embeds,可以跟 Block Embed 一样嵌入整个页面。Yes, Block~=Page

Improved Page Embeds in @RoamResearch

Same as block embeds, but with page titles {{embed: [[like this]]}}

Use / command if you forget the syntax

— Conor White-Sullivan :us: (@Conaw) December 15, 2020

Page Embeds 视频介绍

Happy Hannukah @mattgoldenberg

I know you’ve been wanting better page embeds in @RoamResearch
for over a year.
Finally got around to making something in that area that isn’t completely terrible.

Details on [[Change Log]]

— Conor White-Sullivan :us: (@Conaw) December 15, 2020

26/ 团队协作时交错讨论,并不断总结产出的 Workflow

New #CSCW2020
preprint, led by Sunny Tian for her MEng thesis and @karger
We present *interleaved discussion and
summarization*, a process where

collaborators can switch back and forth between discussing and summarizing discussion all within one tool.

— Amy X Zhang (@amyxzh) September 21, 2020

27/ Codex 编辑器支持生成 Graph 关系图,站得高看得广

In Codex you can transclude to the text block where a relationship was defined … directly from the graph view! @RoamFm

— Codex (@codexeditor) December 17, 2020

28/ 微软出品的团队实时协作工具 Project Moca

Microsoft Project Moca | Overview
:man:‍:computer: Real-time board collaboration for teams

:movie_camera: Watch it here:

— Keep Productive (@KeepProductive) December 17, 2020

新扩展 支持定时通知

NEW #roamcult
Type {{alert}} in a block and fill out when the alert should trigger with the message you want. An alert will trigger in the specified amount of time! Hit ALT+SHIFT+A to see all of your currently live alerts

For more,

— David Vargas (@dvargas92495) December 17, 2020

29/ 使用 roam42.loader.addScriptToPage
加载外部第三方 JavaScript 库,生成随机句子可用于教学示例

Generate random sentences SmartBlock for testing in Roam. #roamcult

— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 16, 2020

30/ Beau 发布新的 Zettelkasten in Roam 视频,更详细的用例解释

This entire thread was created on the fly, without actually writing a single word.

I live-streamed the entire process here→

— Beau Haan (@beauhaan) December 16, 2020

31/ 通过 SmartBlock 随机插入一条名人名言,激发你的灵感,也许我可以使用 Useless ideas API 做一个中文版本

is Dr. SmartBlock. Check out this great addition to anyones Daily Notes Pages workflow. Add a little random inspiration to your morning. Keep up the good work Mark.

Pulls a random quote and blockquotes. #roamcult

— RoamHacker :man:‍:wrench: (( (@roamhacker) December 16, 2020

  • Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • 软件的话我用 rattleCAD,这是一个很方便的自行车设计软件。 *


  • 在数据化运营和产品灰度测试如此发达的今天,Babymetal 能让人体验到「如何设计让人疯狂的产品」这个经典问题的另一个答案和它的深层意义。 *


  • Yummy FTP:用过的最好的 FTP 工具,同样没有之一,极致简洁,支持 FTP 和 SFTP。 *


32/ 建筑师马修·弗雷德里克(Matthew Frederick)将知识分为三个层次:简单、复杂和简明。

There are three levels of knowing according to architect Matthew Frederick.
1. Simplicity, the child’s world view.
2. Complexity, the adult’s worldview.

3. Informed simplicity, the enlightened view of reality.

— Thibaut (@Kpaxs) April 9, 2019

33/ 更好的 Roam Research CSS 标签定制

And here is the article :).

Thank you for the great idea of using [[****]]
— CatoMinor (@CatoMinor3) December 18, 2020

34/ :bird: 直接从 Roam Research 发送 Tweet 的两种方式

:bird: There are two ways to send a Tweet directly from @RoamResearch

1. Select the text via the Chrome extension and right-click to send to Twitter

2. Tweet this block via #Roam42
:point_right: Code:

— JimmyLv_吕立青 (@Jimmy_JingLv) December 17, 2020

35/ 「任何东西的价格是你用生命长度所换来的。」 —— 梭罗

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” — Henry David Thoreau

— Visualize Value (@visualizevalue) December 18, 2020