微软员工和 GitHub 员工宣布支持 996.ICU 运动

Microsoft and GitHub Workers Support 996.ICU

微软员工和 GitHub 员工宣布支持 996.ICU 运动

Tech workers in China started a GitHub repository titled 996.ICU
, a reference to the grueling and illegal working hours of many tech companies in China – from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week. “By following the ‘996’ work schedule, you are risking yourself getting into the ICU (Intensive Care Unit),” says the 996.ICU GitHub project description. The project calls for Chinese tech companies to obey the labor laws in China and the international labor convention.
中国的技术从业者正在利用 GitHub 吸引社会各界对中国科技行业中许多公司非法用工行为的关注。该 GitHub 项目被命名为为 996.ICU,其中 996 代表了中国许多科技公司的工作时间——从上午 9 点到晚上 9 点,每周工作 6 天。996.ICU GitHub 项目描述称,“如果按照 996 的模式工作,那(你)以后就得进 ICU 了”。该项目旨在呼吁中国的科技公司遵守中国劳动法和国际劳工公约。
This initiative has garnered massive support within China. GitHub users have been starring the repository as a way of showing their support. In the span of a few weeks, the project has been starred over 200,000 times, making it one of the fastest growing GitHub repositories in the service’s history.
这一倡议在中国获得了大规模的支持。GitHub 用户一直在以 star GitHub 存储库的方式来表示他们对该项目的支持。在几周的时间内,该项目已经收获了超过 20 万次 star,使其成为 GitHub 服务历史上增长最快的项目之一。
The code-sharing platform GitHub, owned by Microsoft, is a place for developers to save, share, and collaborate on software projects. Most important for the 996.ICU movement is that GitHub is accessible in China. It is the dominant platform for developers to collaborate and is a crucial part of Chinese tech companies’ daily operations. Since going viral, Chinese domestic browsers, such as those by Tencent and Alibaba, have restricted access to the 996.ICU repository on their web browsers, warning users that the repository contains illegal or malicious content. We must entertain the possibility that Microsoft and GitHub will be pressured to remove the repository as well.
GitHub 是 996.ICU 运动的理想之地。该平台归微软所有,是开发人员保存、共享软件项目以及进行团队协作的港湾。它提供了类似于社交网络的功能。开发人员可以保存或标记其他人的项目,并通过 GitHub 问题参与讨论。对于 996.ICU 运动来说,最重要的是 GitHub 在中国是可以访问的。它是开发人员进行协作的主要平台,是中国科技企业日常运营的重要组成部分。自从这一话题爆发以来,腾讯和阿里巴巴等中国国内的浏览器已经开始限制用户访问 Github 上的 996.ICU 存储库,并警告用户说该存储库中包含非法或恶意内容。我们必须考虑到微软和 GitHub 也将面临删除该存储库的压力。
In response to these events, we, the workers of Microsoft and GitHub, support the 996.ICU movement and stand in solidarity with tech workers in China. We know this is a problem that crosses national borders. These same issues permeate across full time and contingent jobs at Microsoft and the industry as a whole. Another reason we must take a stand in solidarity with Chinese workers is that history tells us that multinational companies will pit workers against each other in a race to the bottom as they outsource jobs and take advantage of weak labor standards in the pursuit of profit. We have to come together across national boundaries to ensure just working conditions for everyone around the globe.
为了应对可能的风险,我们,作为微软和 GitHub 的员工,决定与中国的技术从业者站在统一战线,支持 996.ICU 运动。我们知道,这是一个跨越国界的问题。同样的问题也渗透到微软和整个行业的全职和临时工作中。我们必须与中国的技术从业者站在一个立场上的另一个原因是,历史告诉我们,跨国公司会把工作外包出去,利用不健全的劳动标准谋求利润最大化,迫使工人在竞次的过程中互相竞争。我们必须跨越国界,万众一心,以确保世界上的每一个人都能够获得公正的工作条件。

We encourage Microsoft and GitHub to keep the 996.ICU GitHub repository
uncensored and available to everyone.

我们鼓励微软,一个坚定地相信工作和生活平衡的公司,在任何情况下都不要删改 996.ICU 的存储库,并保持其对所有人都可见。我们将尽我们最大努力继续支持 996.ICU 运动,并有效利用 GitHub 平台为中国科技工作者发声,传播他们的故事。

100 tech workers*


100 名技术工作者*

To other tech workers and industry supporters, we urge you to join us in our support of the 996.ICU movement.
对于其他技术从业者和行业内外的支持者,我们恳请您加入我们对 996.ICU 运动的支持。

To add your name to the list of supporters, make a pull request with your name and affiliation, as you would like it to appear on the list of signatories. You can also email msworkers4good@protonmail.com
with this information and we can add it for you. Read more about adding yourself as a supporter here

如果您希望将您的姓名添加到支持者名单中,请使用 Pull Request 功能将您的姓名和所属单位提供给我们。您也可以直接发送电子邮件至 msworkers4good@protonmail.com
,我们可以为您添加。请点击 此处

* We launched this petition publicly at the same time that we announced it within Microsoft. We will be updating the number of signed employees periodically as signatures are added.
* 我们在微软内部发起该请愿的同时对外公开了请愿书。随着支持者人数不断增多,我们会定期更新已签名员工的数量。

Supported by / 支持者:

The first 50 signatures below have been randomly shuffled.
  • Jason Prado, Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer 2008-2009
  • Zora Tung, Software Engineer, Google
  • Liz O’Sullivan, former head of annotations at Clarifai
  • Jing Jing Cao, UX Designer, Anki
  • Ali Atasever, CTO, Vivoo
  • Amr Gaber, Software Engineer, Google
  • Irene Knapp, Senior Software Engineer, Google
  • Harshita Gupta, Student, Harvard University and former Software Engineering Intern (x2), Microsoft
  • Alex Goldschmidt, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • JS Tan, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Mark Dudley, Software Engineer, Google
  • Rachel Miller, Writer
  • Meredith Whittaker, AI Now Institute Co-founder, NYU Distinguished Research Scientist, Google Open Research Founder
  • Hal Daumé III, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research
  • Casey Hong, Microsoft
  • Ben Tarnoff, Logic Editor
  • François Conil, Support, GitHub
  • Esteban Roncancio, Trip Advisor
  • Mark Seaborn, Software Engineer Google
  • Josh McDuffie, Software Engineer, Constant Contact
  • Ashly Hamilton, Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Emily Cunningham, UX Designer at Amazon
  • Andrew Schwartzmeyer, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Sergey Alekhnovich, Software Engineer, iFood Decision Sciences
  • Topher Weiss, Software Developer, Rational Interaction @ Microsoft
  • Alexander Mancevice, Software Developer, CargoMetrics
  • Cathy Lee, Brand designer, Oscar Health
  • Yann Achard, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Camille Malonzo, Software Engineer Microsoft
  • Kelly Wagman, Microsoft Research Assistant
  • Mary L. Gray Senior Researcher Microsoft Research New England (Associate Professor School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering Indiana University, Bloomington | Fellow Harvard University Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society)
  • Francis Tseng, Public Science
  • Esteban Roncancio, Software Engineer, TripAdvisor
  • Naomi Harrington, Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Mikayla Hutchinson, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • David Meyerson, Software Engineer II, Microsoft
  • Bryan Hughes, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
  • Christopher Senderling, Microsoft
  • Gregory Ellison, Data Scientist, Microsoft
  • Stephanie Parker, Policy Specialist, YouTube
  • Adina Shanholtz, Microsoft
  • Marie Collins, Business Analyst, Google
  • Kristen Sheets, Brandeis University Computer Science
  • Erik Knechtel, Microsoft Contractor
  • Daniel Greene, Assistant Professor of Information Studies, University of Maryland
  • Amber Erickson, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Julie Mayer, Senior Privacy Manager, Microsoft
  • Minsoo Thigpen, Microsoft Program Manager
  • Lowell Bander, Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Wendy Liu, Tech Writer
  • Nisha Pillai, Software Engineer
  • DeepGrace, Senior C++ Expert
  • Liu Jun, Software Engineer, Guangbao-uni
  • Xeodou Li, Software Engineer, Udacity
  • Sangyu Li, Former MSDN Editor,Editor at Hubei Commitee of CCYL,Staff of Wuhan Railway Bureau
  • Ranjan Pradeep, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Lion Huang, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Yinghao Liu, Senior Software Engineer, ThoughtWorks
  • Dong Jin Zhao, Software Engineer
  • Lin Zhang, Software Engineer II, Microsoft
  • Wayne Wang, Senior Premier Field Eigineer, Microsoft
  • Liang Ding, Full-Time Open-Sourcerer, B3log
  • Benson Laur, Software Engineer, Guangzhou Wangshi Software Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Nekocode(Fan Yueng), Software Engineer, Freelancer
  • Shuirong Lin, Front-end Developer, Freelancer, Student
  • JackEggie(Jack Tang), Software Engineer, Infor
  • ZiHang Gao, Software Engineer, IReader
  • Phodal(Fengda Huang), Senior Software Engineer, ThoughtWorks
  • Zhida Liu, Software Engineer, Enjoylife
  • Hancel Lin, Software Engineer, GIGABYTE.
  • Zhongyu Hwang, Android Software Engineer, Chongqing Genesis Network Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Knove, Software Engineer, Xiaomi
  • Lip Young(杨 征), Fontend Software Coder, Freelancer
  • Txdy, Software Engineer, Guangzhou Wangshi Software Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Yuchong Pan, Software Engineering Intern (x2), Microsoft, & Student, University of British Columbia
  • Margox(Wang Gang), Software Engineer
  • Yibo Wei, Mobile Developer, SAP
  • Cherrie Yu Cheng, Product Manager
  • Zion Chen, Software Engineer, SAP
  • ZedeX Zhao, Director of Product, PingAn Group
  • Long Minghui, Golang Senior Programmer
  • Lantao Liu (Lax), Programmer, Full-Time Freelancer
  • Ashe Connor, Senior Software Engineer, GitHub
  • Kathy Wu, Product Designer, MIT Media Lab
  • Chelsea Wang, Product Designer, Facebook
  • Yinghao Liu,Senior Soft Engineer,ThoughWorks
  • ShanWu, Frontend Engineer, ThoughtWorks
  • Hewie Mei, Software Engineer, Liepin
  • Kanzakiken,Software Engineer
  • Aleksandra Culver, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Google
  • Yan Cui, Solution Architect, Microsoft
  • Xiangyu (Shawn) Xiao, Tech Support Engineer, Microsoft
  • Noah Berman, Backend Engineer, WeTransfer
  • Han Yin, Front-end Developer
  • Yuns Sun, Fontend Software Coder, Freelancer
  • Li Xiaoyang, Software Engineer, Didi Chuxing
  • Xudong Cai, Software Engineer, VeryStar
  • Xinchen Pan (Nicky), Bioinformatics Engineer, Shanghai We-health
  • Yamcer(Fan Yang), Software Engineer, Freelancer
  • Wang Qun Feng, Senior Software Engineer, XTDE
  • Norman Sun, Mobile Developer, Freelancer
  • Martin Yin, Software Engineer
  • Hao Xu, Azure Developer PMM, Microsoft
  • Shan Zhou, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Luxroid(MingWang Hao), Software Engineer, Freelancer
  • Ke Shen, Software Engineer, Google
  • Zhonghua Qiang, Software Engineer, Sofu
  • Bam Wang (Wang Zhu), Development Manager, VELTRA Inc.
  • ChiaKii Ryuu, Software Engineer, Group Of Otaku (Shenzhen) Inc.
  • Vincent Lee, Software Engineer, Hikvision
  • Mike He, Undergraduate Researcher, University of Washington
  • Martin Larralde, Bioinformatician, ENS Paris-Saclay
  • Fang Sixie, Software Engineer, CCI
  • Zongbao Feng, Engineer, Baidu
  • Yihong Zhang, Student, University of Washington
  • Leroy Wang, Student, University of Washington
  • Wang Fei, Software Developer and Tech writer
  • Leoython Chou, Software Engineer, CloudMall
  • Yu Fei(余斐), Software Engineer
  • Adam Yi, Software Engineer
  • Shaohua Huang, Software Engineer,Alibaba
  • Shengtao Li, Software Engineer, 66ifuel
  • Yu Guanhua, Software Developer
  • Yang Mao, Student, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer
  • Hao Tao, Web Developer, Bingo Information Co., Ltd.
  • Jet Wong, Software Engineer, owasp
  • Roth Peng (Yu-Jhau, Peng), Frontend Developer, Trend Micro
  • Danyow Ed(朱俊鸿), iOS/Unity Engineer, Thumbparty.
  • Ruibo Li, Software Developer, 51talk
  • Wuhao Chen, Student, University College London
  • Paul Leung, Network security Engineer, Labrusca Studio
  • Harry Yang, Microsoft
  • Hang Yang, eCreditpal
  • Trista, Chenzhen Chaoyue Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
  • Kuilin Xiang, Software Engineer, Juejin
  • Deng Mao, Software Engineer, BONC
  • Qing Mu, Software Tester, NIO
  • Yu Li, Axinfu.Inc
  • Zhenwei Chen, Software Engineer