Ubuntu 12.04下GAMIT10.40安装说明

Ubuntu 12.04下GAMIT10.40安装步骤:

1 首先就是Gamit软件——gamit.tar.gz的准备,大概64M;
2 将下载的gamit.tar.gz复制到 opt/gamit10.40/下面,这里需要建立文件夹10.40,sudo mkdir gamit10.40;
3 安装Cshell。sudo apt-get install csh;
4 安装gfortran。sudo apt-get install gfortran;
5 安装libx11-dev库支持。sudo apt-get install libx11-dev;
6 安装Gamit软件, 进入gamit目录,首先还是要解压的,sudo tar –xvf gamit.tar.gz;然后需要给安装文件 install_software文件可执行权限,命令为chmod +x install_software,然后在该目录下面输入./install_software进行安装。
8 系统提示相关:(在root权限下)

GAMIT and GLOBK to be installed into /opt/gamit10.40

If you need help with command line options type CTL_C now and type
install_software -help on the command line

The compressed tarfiles will be removed after extraction of the
directories, but except for that, the script may be stopped and
rerun safely from any point.  Tarfiles to be uncompressed:

    com.10.40.tar.gz etopo5.grd.10.0.tar.gz example.10.40.tar.gz gamit.10.40.tar.gz help.10.40.tar.gz kf.10.40.tar.gz libraries.10.40.tar.gz maps.10.1.tar.gz tables.10.40.tar.gz

Continue ? (y/n)
“ 输入字母 y”,开始解压缩安装文件



Do you want to apply incremental updates: incremental_updates.090928.tar.gz

Continue ? (y/n)

  “ 输入字母 y”,开始解压缩安装文件,

 .. applying incremental updates:

 .. adding /opt/gamit10.40/com to your search path to continue installation To execute GAMIT and GLOBK you will need to set your login path to include /opt/gamit10.40/com /opt/gamit10.40/gamit/bin /opt/gamit10.40/kf/bin You will also need the alias or link gg ??> /opt/gamit10.40

Your Operating System type is: Linux

 Your default awk version is: /usr/bin/awk

 These are the default paths to X11 found in Makefile.config

 X11LIBPATH: /usr/lib/X11

 X11INCPATH: /usr/include/X11

 Searching your system for X11 installation

 Found these paths to X11 libs and includes on your system

 X11LIBPATH:  /usr/lib

 X11INCPATH:  /usr/include/X11

 Are these correct for your system?

 Continue? (y/n)







  “ 输入字母 y”,提示

 GAMIT dimensions in /libraries/Makefile.config are set to

  maxsit =  60

  maxepc =  2880

  maxatm =  25

  maxsat =  32

 Are these defaults found in Makefile.config correct?

 If NOT edit the Makefile.config now before choosing to contine

 Continue ? (y/n)

“ 输入字母 y”,开始安装。期间会出现如下问题:
Running unimake to create Makefile for comlib

System name:  Linux jeydragon-VirtualBox 3.0.0-13-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 2 13:25:36 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

System release number translated to  3203

OSID Linux 3203 not found in Makefile.config – remove Makefile and STOP

Failure in make_gamit — install_software terminated


    # —– for Linux from 0.0.1 to 3.0.0  — #

  OS_ID Linux 0001 3000


  # —– for Linux from 0.0.1 to 3.0.0  — #

  OS_ID Linux 0001 3203


9 安装最后会提示

GLOBK installed


 Create the gg link in your home directory to the version of

 gamit/globk you just installed ? (y/n)

“ 输入字母 y”,回车,显示

Making required ~/gg link to newly installed software

 ln ?s ?f /opt/gamit10.40 ~/gg

 Don’t forget to set your : path to include /opt/gamit10.40/gamit/bin and /opt/gamit10.40/kf/bin

  : HELP_DIR environment variable in you shell profile

      (in .cshrc/.tcshrc add: setenv HELP_DIR /opt/gamit10.40/help/)

            : INSTITUTE evnironment variable in your shell profile

            (in your .cshrc/.tcshrc add: setenv INSTITUTE where_i_work)

            where_i_work is a 3 character identifier for your solutions

10 至此,软件已经安装成功。但要始软件能够正常使用,还要修改主文件夹下的 .bshrc”文件.打开终端,进入主文件夹(home),输入 gedit .bshrc,此时会进入.bshrc的文档,复制下面的内容到文档中:
export PATH=$PATH:/home/xinsui/GNSS_SOFT/gamit10.40/gamit/bin:/home/xinsui/GNSS_SOFT/gamit10.40/kf/bin:/home/xinsui/GNSS_SOFT/gamit10.40/com:/home/xinsui/GNSS_SOFT/gamit10.40/gamit/com
export HELP_DIR=/home/xinsui/GNSS_SOFT/gamit10.40/help/

11 验证是否成功,doy命令,如提示:
DOY: Converts various date formats
DOY: Converts various date formats.




GAMIT10.4及最新版本的GAMIT下载在Linux公社5号FTP服务器,具体下载见 http://www.linuxidc.net/thread-1186-1-1.html