Linux 2.6内核已经支持iPhone平台

Linux 2.6内核目前已经被移植到了苹果公司的iPhone平台上,可以支持第一代与第二代的iPhone,同时还支持第一代的iPod touch.现在的移植工作仅仅是是一个初步的成就,仍然缺失很多驱动的支持,不过这是一个好的兆头.

What we have:

– Framebuffer driver

– Serial driver

– Serial over USB driver

– Interrupts, MMU, clock, etc.

What we have in openiboot (but hasn’t been ported yet):

– Read-only support for the NAND

What we don’t have (yet!):

– Write support for the NAND

– Wireless networking

– Touchscreen

– Sound

– Accelerometer

– Baseband support